20 years of creation

December 2019

As we explained in an earlier article, Rinck will present its contemporary furniture collection in January at Déco Home. This ritual of unveiling entire collections was an annual event for our company until the early 1970s, but had since been lost. However, that does not mean our designers have not been hard at work: Over the last two decades at Rinck, exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces have dotted our history. In anticipation of the presentation of our new designs starting January 16 at the Galerie Thomé, here is an overview of recent designs from Rinck.


Palm wood marquetry, shagreen, upholstered seat, varnished finish, 210 x 110 x h. 75 cm, © Design RINCK

The booth of Rinck for the "Biennale  des Editeurs" at the Louvre Carrousel, 2006 © RINCK

In 2006, for the Biennale des Éditeurs at the Carrousel du Louvre, Rinck presented its "Confident Coiffeuse" on its stand. The design and materials bear all the hallmarks of the Art Deco style Rinck so reveres.

“Bague” Console Table, matte brushed brass pedestal, polished finish brass structure, volvic lava stone top, 103x23x86 cm, © design RINCK

“Laiton” Console Table, vibrated matte brass pedestal, black granite top, 120x40x100 cm, © design RINCK


In 2015, as a partner of the Longines Masters in Paris, Rinck decorated the EEM VIP box and designed the Bague and Laiton console tables for the occasion.


Alabaster Table, backlit alabaster, black-patinated sand-cast bronze base, 570 x 190 x 74 cm (customizable size) © design RINCK

In 2017, Rinck designed the Alabaster table for one of its American clients. Its backlit alabaster top can be adjusted to emanate hot or cold colors. The same year, the table won the “Best of Year Award” from the American magazine Interior Design.


Box in American walnut. Polished brass wire inlay. Lightly hammered brass base, patinated black. Raw slate interior, grained leather. 110x45x180 cm, © ginko-photo.com/RINCK

In 2019, Rinck exhibited at the Déco OFF event in Paris, alongside Leleu, Savoirs Beds, Fromental, and Vousta, and showcased its Beethoven Cabinet.

Beethoven Table, walnut magnifying glass table, sandblasted oak wood and hammered brass base, © ginko-photo.com/RINCK

In 2018, as part of an interior architecture project for a Paris apartment, Rinck custom-designed the Beethoven dining table.


Corian top with walnut structure, velvet-lined drawers, and hammered brass base, 190x75x100cm, © Hervé Goluza/RINCk et © ginko-photo.com/RINCK

As part of the decoration work done for the Maïence gourmet restaurant in downtown Strasbourg, Rinck designed a unique sideboard. This article is a key decorative element in the restaurant’s dining room and focal point of the food service. It strikes the perfect balance between beauty and functionality.