J.C.T Interior Design joins the Rinck Group

June 2020

Founded in 1979 in an evolution of Maison Jansen, the company produces haute couture interiors worldwide. Rinck merges J.C.T. Interior Design with its interior design agency.‚Äč Its Chief Executive Officer, Stéphane Tenèze, now joins the Rinck Group as Director of Operations.

Let us go back a few decades to 1969: The golden age of French interior design and décor was coming to an end, until an unexpected order revived the trade throughout the Faubourg Saint Antoine: the Persepolis Celebrations. This exceedingly expensive extravagance was dreamed up by the Shah of Iran to mark the 2500th anniversary of the founding of the Persian Empire. Maison Jansen and Maison Leleu joined forces for the occasion in order to satisfy the pharaonic demand. Directing operations for the new group was Pierre Deshays. An avalanche of orders came in from Persia, with a domino effect that stimulated every business in Paris’s arts and crafts communities. The event was designed to recreate a contemporary “Field of the Cloth of Gold,” a nod to the short-lived site built during the Renaissance for the meeting of Francis I and Henry VIII.


White House : Red Room © Robert Knudsen, White House, in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum / Public domain

Persepolis Project: General view of the camp - Large reception room - Lounge - Overall model © Jansen Archives - J.C.T Collection / RINCK

The project expanded to dizzying proportions in a quest to outdo even itself, reaching such heights as to all but guarantee a very hard fall. The subsequently unpaid bills would lead to the closure of Maisons Jansen and Leleu as the decade advanced. In 1979, Jean-Claude Tenèze, Pierre Deshays’ son-in-law, who had been working on the Persepolis project since 1974, left to set up his own agency with some twenty former Jansen employees. The company quickly specialized in an international private clientele composed of everyone from prestigious Middle East personalities to Oprah Winfrey.

Following his father, Stéphane Tenèze took over management of the agency in 2008. He continued the family’s established work, inspired by both the J.C.T. and Jansen archives, as well as new projects for many diverse clients. The agency proudly promoted its haute-couture service, offering complete, turnkey renovations in classic or contemporary French style. In early 2020, after an initial successful meeting between two family companies with shared values, J.C.T. joined the Rinck Group by merging with Rinck’s interior design agency. A union of two establishments that adhere to a common design principle: “An interior must reflect the soul of its owner, not just the style of its decorator.”


J.C.T - Private palace, Jeddah © JCT/RINCK

J.C.T - Art-Deco-inspired contemporary interior, Immeubles Walter, Paris © J.C.T/RINCK