A new president for the Rinck Group

August 2020

On July 16, 2020, at Rinck’s annual general meeting, Valentin Goux assumed his duties as President of the Group. In this position, he supervises the sales, communications, and marketing departments and provide artistic direction for interior design projects, while also guiding the Group’s strategic objectives.


In taking the helm of the Group, he succeeds Thierry Goux, alongside whom he has deepened Rinck’s positioning for several years, dovetailing the worlds of prescription and French craftsmanship by bringing interior designers and manufacturing workshops together in a single company, thereby recreating the unique depth and breadth of service offered by the ensembliers décorateurs of Paris of the 19th and 20th centuries, services historically offered by Rinck.
Valentin Goux, who is an historian and journalist by training, began his career as a journalist, then turned to entrepreneurship: In 2012, in London, he founded the Monsieur London brand of men’s fashion accessories, working with European artisans who had preserved traditional manufacturing practices. Four years later, his journey led him to become one of the six cofounders of La Garçonnière, a men’s lifestyle concept store – including a barber shop and restaurant – selling over 200 independent brands, with locations in Paris and Bordeaux.


In 2013, while pursuing his entrepreneurial activities in London, Valentin was approached by his father, Thierry, who invited him to restructure the Group’s communications and brand strategy. Valentin was able to address this challenge with his extensive experience in various communications fields, gained especially during his years working in and with the media.


This responsibility would quickly expand to include developing sales in Anglo-Saxon regions, soon accomplished with strong business growth in London and New York. Once he returned to France in 2017, Valentin’s role began to evolve to include greater oversight of the Rinck Group’s strategy and development.


In addition to Valentin’s appointment at the head of Rinck, there have been a number of changes made to executive roles at the Group’s various sites, an evolution begun several years ago. For the company’s new president, this is an important prerequisite, as he has a long-term vision for the company that entails full reliance on the women and men leading Rinck’s departments.