Rinck Switzerland

December 2020

The Rinck Group further solidified its presence in Switzerland by establishing a subsidiary in the canton of Geneva in 2020.

The Rinck Group, having already won the “Tradition & Savoir-Faire” category in 2018 at the 29th Annual Business Awards hosted by the French-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFS), is now furthering the relationships it has enjoyed for many years with Swiss specifiers and pursuing a greater number of projects in everything from interior architecture to boiserie, from designing furnishings to outfitting interiors.

As ensembliers décorateurs with an offer that is unique in its integration of the production workshops, thereby dovetailing the realms of creation and fabrication. By uniting these varied trades, Rinck can source the staff’s artistic and technical mastery, as well as the expertise forged by venerable traditions, as springboards for creativity. This savoir-faire, honed over centuries, is exercised by Rinck alone, or with select partners, in the execution of prestigious projects.

By virtue of its physical proximity to Switzerland, the Rinck Group’s workshop in the village of Bourg-de-Péage in France’s Drôme département , dedicated to boiseries, millwork, and joinery,  holds great appeal. The woodworking and interior-outfitting workshops and research department, federating the major specialties of French master craftsmanship under one roof, are equipped with state-of-the-art production equipment. A turnkey solution for even the most complex creations.


As it has in decades past, the furnishings workshop designs and manufactures custom furnishings for the most prestigious international projects. Both classic and contemporary creations are supported by 180 years of archives.

RINCK Switzerland :


Route de Saint-Julien 292A – 1258 Perly

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