Valentin Goux President, RINCK Group

After initially working in the media and pursuing entrepreneurial activities in fashion, Valentin Goux began restructuring the Rinck Group’s communications and brand strategy in 2013, applying his experience in diverse communications realms. His success there naturally led to business development responsibilities, and he soon further demonstrated his savvy by generating strong business growth in London and New York. In 2017, he became the Rinck Group Strategy and Development Manager and, in 2020, was appointed Rinck’s President.

Julien COSSON Site Director - Bourg-de-Péage

A meticulous manager who devotes painstaking attention to detail, Julien Cosson coordinates Rinck’s most complex and prestigious projects. Promoted to Site Director for Rinck research and production in 2014, he is committed to helping his teams achieve the flawless work required in the luxury sector.

Matthieu de Penfentenyo Site Director - Charleville-Mézières

Matthieu de Penfentenyo, a cabinetmaker by training, joined Rinck Meubles as a designer in 2006. His unwavering dedication to a job well done, along with his love for the technical exactitude required in making custom and period furniture, led to his taking the helm at the design office and coordinating production at the manufacturing workshop. Matthieu now oversees the Charleville-Mézières site, working beside his team as they dovetail savoir-faire and innovation in their execution of sumptuous projects.

Christine Rodriguez OFFICE DESIGN MANAGER-Paris

Having earned a degree from the esteemed École Camondo school of interior architecture and design, Christine broadened her knowledge in the Middle East. For a decade, she honed her abilities in the creative and technical realms, as well as methodology, project management, and multidisciplinary team oversight. She headed the Xavier Cartron interior design agency for three years. She now leads Rinck’s Interior Architecture and Design workshop in Paris with a specialized, sophisticated, devoted staff.


STÉPHANE TENÈZE Chief Operating Officer

Graduate of Essec, after a first career for 5 years as a management and information system consultant, Stéphane Tenèze takes over the management of the interior design agency J.C.T, founded in 1979 by his father, heir for 3 generations , to the prestigious maison Jansen. With his double experience and expertise, for 15 years, of interior design projects with an upmarket clientele, he joined the Rinck Group in 2020 as Chief Operating Officer

Thierry GOUX Honorary President Rinck Group

For nearly 30 years, Thierry Goux, founder and honorary president of Rinck group, has labored to align the worlds of French craftsmanship and interior-design prescription. This exacting vision led him to bring together – under one roof – interior designers and manufacturing workshops, thereby recreating the inimitable offer provided by Paris’ Ensembliers Décorateurs, turnkey interior-design experts.

Bruno SACHET Executive Advisor and Artisan Mentoring Director

Bruno Sachet, boasting a long career in woodworking, has been at the helm of the furnishing workshops since 2006. His experience is founded on combined expertise in woodworking and ornamental design and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the historic catalogues of French décor.